Dermal Fillers

What are Dermal Fillers?
Dermal Fillers are crystal-clear gel produced biotechnologically using stabilized, nonanimal acid and water(NASHA). It is a gel that is injected into the skin in order to add volume to lips and lift up wrinkles and folds. Its results are immediate. Dermal Fillers enhance your natural looks by restoring your skin’s volume, creating softness and revitalizing your appearance.

How is the treatment performed?
Dermal Fillers are injected into the skin in small amounts using a very fine needle. The gel provides hydration and structure and gives natural volume to smooth away the appearance of lines, enhance facial shape, or create fuller lips.

The treatment is very quick and often takes less than 30 minutes. The treatment benefits can normally be seen instantly and Dermal Fillers do not affect facial expression. No skin test is required because Dermal Fillers do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

What areas can be treated?
Dermal Fillers can be used to smooth out facial lines, create fuller lips and shape facial contours, such as cheeks and chin. It is a subtle approach to enhancing looks naturally.

The most common areas treated are:

  • from the nose to the angle of the mouth (the nasolabial folds)
  • lips (enhancement)
  • cheeks and chin (shaping)
  • back of the hands, décolletage, face (skin rejuvenation)
  • between the eyebrows (the glabellar lines)

How long does it last?
The length of time the effect of Dermal Fillers treatment lasts is very individual and depends on many factors, such as the structure of your skin, lifestyle, age, the degree of perfection demanded and the injection technique of the practitioner. Dermal Fillers last up to one year, experience indicates that touch-up and follow-up treatments will add to the duration.

Where do Dermal Fillers go when they are broken down?
The dermal filler we use is a tissue-friendly substance closely resembling an acid that occurs naturally in the body. Dermal Fillers are metabolized slowly into the skin. Once broken down it passes through the liver quickly and is broken down into carbon dioxide and water.

What are the side effects?
The rate of reactions to Dermal Fillers is very low. The side effects of Dermal Fillers may include swelling, redness and occasional bruising. Swelling is the most likely effect because Dermal Fillers attract the bodies own water to the area. Other side effects may include minor lumps, itching or tenderness, these typically resolve spontaneously within a few days after injection. Other types of reactions are very rare, but about 1 in 2000 treated patients have experienced localized reactions thought to be of a hypersensitive nature.

What will happen if I decide against further treatment?
The skin will return to its original state prior to treatment.

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