Patient Comfort

With any kind of surgery or medical treatment, you want assurances that you will be kept in complete comfort with little or no pain.

At Harley Place Day Surgery, we provide a fully equipped surgery that allows for greater confidence and comfort for our patients. Our nursing staff, anaesthetists, assistants and administration staff make the stay as comfortable as possible.

As well as having a calming environment for our treatments, we also employ anaesthesia, professionally administered, to greatly reduce or eliminate your discomfort. These forms of anaesthesia include:

Nitrous oxide
Commonly known as happy gas or laughing gas, we use Entonox Nitrous Oxide which is combined with Oxygen. Nitrous oxide is administered through an inhaler over the nose that only releases gas when the patient inhales through the nose. It produces a pain-relieving and sedative effect without loss of consciousness. It can also help reduce anxiety.

Oral sedation
Oral sedatives such as tablet form analgesics are medications designed to help a patient relax. This is useful in avoiding pain. Alternative sedatives are available depending on the level of need.
Intravenous sedation: Intravenous (IV) sedation is usually given in the form of a tranquilizing agent. Patients who receive IV Sedation are often awake, conscious but very relaxed. Our IV sedation is always professionally administered by an anesthetist to ensure it is carried out correctly- every time.

Each of our solutions is available to ensure your experience is comfortable. We will always choose the most appropriate anaesthetic for your circumstances, your treatment and your pain threshold. Contact us at Harley Place Day Surgery and have Dr Martin demonstrate to you how we keep you in complete comfort. Contact us for a consultation.